Dinner for Fiends: Fear It Sucks

Brand new Dinner for Fiends!Though it takes us abut a half hour to finally get to discussing the NBC anthology show Fear Itself, when it is brought up the pure, dripping hatred Uncle Creepy holds inside that twisted thing he calls a heart for it is more than worthy of giving this DFF its title. It’s scary!

But fear not! Many other things are discussed this time out as well, including Midnight Meat Train and what’s wrong with Lionsgate, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, which holds a special chamber of hate in Foy’s heart, The Dark Knight, Hellboy II, The Mummy 3 … we sure do manage to cover an awful lot in just over an hour!

You know how it works by now so get clicking below and listen in as myself, Uncle Creepy, Syxx, The Foywonder and Andrew Kasch discuss all the ins and outs of this genre we love so much!

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  • Johnny Butane

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    Johnny Butane


    1. Im guessing you guys didn’t know. REPO! IS GETTING LESS THAN 10 SCREENS! Yup. Bloody Disgusting and Clive Barker confirmed this.

        • Yup. Damn, i wish i would’ve told you guys BEFORE the podcast. This podcast was awesome, i would have loved to see everyone get fired up over this too haha. But yeah it sucks MMT got like 100 and it sucks that Repo is getting less than 10. But atleast their coming to the U.S….do you even think they come to one Canadian theater? Nope. Fuck them. Canadians are horror fans too. Lionsgate needs to stop treating everyone like shit.

    2. I just checked urbandictionary.com and apparently “noromo” stands for “no romance,” meaning someone who prefers not seeing Scully and Mulder doing the nasty.

    3. Pure, dripping hatred from Uncle Creepy? Who woulda thought?

      You just gave me something to look forward to after work.

    4. Ah Foy, you are really on point with the Event Horizon and In The Mouth Of Madness – these movies are pieces of shit that get free passes from pretty much everyone.

      Kinda weird that Sam Neill was in both…

      • So I’m not alone in thinking Mouth of Madness is incredibly overrated?


        The new ep is on my ipod and ready for the gym tonight. Hopefully this time I won’t start laughing on the treadmill and, in trying to stifle it, end up blowing snot all over the console again.

    5. got to say I agree about Midnight Meat Train, it’s good but not great. Like most Clive Barkers stories I prefer the books to the films, there are just certain nuances in his writings that for some reason just never translate onto the screen.

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