Shawnee Smith Talks Grudges & Saws

I'd play a game with her anyday!Shawnee Smith, oh how I remember falling in love with her when I first saw The Blob. Did I mention that we have a Splattrax for that? Remember? That great idea we had that went over so well?

Anyway, the New York Post’s Pop Wrap Blog conducted an interview with the Saw beauty and she revealed some spoilers … for those who really didn’t expect her to be in Saw V.

Shawnee sure makes it sound like her role in the fourth sequel may be just flashback footage, “I’m not sure how they keep resurrecting me, but somehow! If I’m in Saw V, it’s something I’d already filmed, but I have no idea. This is horror, you’re more valuable dead than alive.

We’ll find out on October 24th!

The actress also divulges some information about her roles in another horror franchise, The Grudge, “I went all the way to Bulgaria and rented the first two because I figured I should know what happened. I put them into the VCR and couldn’t watch! I had an idea of what the villain was like – with the funky walk – and all I needed was to see it once and the next time I’m alone in bed, I won’t be able to sleep. And I figured, I didn’t need to see the others in order to play the character.


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  • PelusaMG

    “…and the next time I’m alone in bed, I won’t be able to sleep.”

    That picture suggests to me that you would never ever have to worry about being alone in bed – blimey missus!!!

  • Blockbuster

    Best. Shawnee Smith. Picture. Evar.