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Full Moon channel is now online!You know what’s wrong with horror these days? No, it’s not the glut of remakes. It’s not torture porn. It’s not Paris Hilton. Well, it might be Paris Hilton, but I don’t think so. No, the problem with horror today is there’s not enough Full Moon Features.

Weep not, gentle horror fan! Loyal reader Gus just pointed us to a “channel” on Metcafe that is nothing but the best in Full Moon goodness! Clips from their hundreds of movies, an entire section devoted to puppet kills, and Charles Band staring out at you the whole time; this place has got it all! Start digging it here!

Seriously, though, it is pretty cool for those fiending for nostalgia …or killer puppets. And it really does make me miss the days when seeing an ad for something like Head of the Family in the new issue of Fangoria would get me giddy with anticipation. I just don’t get giddy enough these days.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Demonmonkey

    Needing a Puppet Master fix, i toyed with the idea of tracking down the hard to find dvds and shelling out an arm, leg, and another leg for them. Luckily, rationality won and now i can hopefully see those and the Subspecies flicks again! And at no cost!