Dreadtime Stories: Del Howison’s “The Lost Herd”

Well over a year ago when I first had the idea to do a podcast series of horror authors reading their works for our readers, the first people I approached when I wanted to get a sponsor behind it was Burbank’s Dark Delicacies. Really, when it comes to horror fiction, you don’t get any better than them.
Thankfully owner Del Howison agreed to lend their name to the series, which has been in place since, but until now we’ve not heard from the man himself, an accomplished writer in his own right. Consider that silence over!

Del Howison reads The Lost Herd

Del agreed to read “The Lost Herd”, a short he penned that was the basis for the premiere episode of Fear Itself and re-titled “The Sacrifice”. But a simple name change was the least of the differences between what Del wrote and what ended up on the small screen…

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