Listening Dead Goes 3D!

The Listening Dead goes 3D!Phil Mucci, pinball kingpin, pusherman, and director extraordinaire dropped a line in my mail box tonight that flipped me out in proper fashion. I’ll let the release speak for itself.
“”The Listening Dead”, your favorite silent short film, is about to break the dimensional barrier! That’s right, dear readers, “TLD”, the little short film that could, is going 3-D!

A moment of silence to let that sink in…

Yes! 3-D Film Factory in San Diego has acquired the rights to convert “The Listening Dead” into stunning, eye-popping 3D, an expensive process to be sure, but one that will breathe new life into the film that just won’t die! With any luck, “TLD” 3D will be hitting selected theaters and festivals as early as this Halloween! How’s that for a piping hot slice of totally awesome?”

Can I get a “Hells yaw!!!”?

Anyone who has seen Mucci’s short film already knows that this Fritz Lang/Mario Bava/Guy Maddin-tinged piece about a pianist, his jealous wife, and the ghost who adores his music, is a classic of the form. Mucci is a talent to watch mighty close over the next couple of years. His last effort, “>”Far Out” (review), a throwback to (again) Bava as well as Jess Franco and Jean Rollin, is completely enthralling as well.

You can catch it on the Sundance Channel playing before Franco’s Vampyros Lesbos if you keep an eye peeled. Or, if you are in the Hollywood, CA area “Far Out” will be playing at a special Slamdance screening this Saturday night, August 9. “Far Out” will be projected on The Engine, “a transportable, kinetic, sculpture/projection hybrid that redefines the art of presentation and introduces a new era of independent screening venue. Designed to be equal in form and function, the 1000 pound steel sculpture houses a rotating 17-foot screen and features a high-end, audio-visual system.” Should be interesting to say the least!

The Butcher

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