Saw Trap and Model Pics!

Unlike previous Saw films, the fifth entry in the franchise has some of us genre fans genuinely interested. Why? Well, we have someone else in Jigsaw’s shoes, with an entirely new motive, and a new director has our hopes set higher than the previous flicks.

With that said, Yahoo Movies posted two interesting pictures from the fourth Saw sequel. The first gives us a better looked at the victim Buz labeled “the dude with his head in a glass box“. The second contains what appears to be small model of Jigsaw’s trap from the original Saw.

Dude in a glass box!  (click to see it bigger!)Where can I get Saw model kits?  (click to see it bigger!)


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Mike Phalin

Mike Phalin is a contributing writer, reality television star and engineer.

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  • Chainsaw

    They need to name that guy Tommy Dreamer, since he’s the Man In The Box!

    *DDT’s everyone at Lionsgate*

  • Sirand

    I want to see Jigsaw host commercials for Jello Pudding Pops.

  • Gus Bjork

    Maybe someone with a bigger monitor can see it better but there’s not a big hairy spider coming out of one of those tubes in the glass box is there? It looks like something is or is it just the blotches on the glass of the back of the box in that area.

    • PelusaMG

      Nah… I think it’s Jello!

      (Voice of Jigsaw) “I want to play a game. For years your greed has caused the demise of others, now its time to see if your greed can save you. Eat or die – make your choice!”