New D-War Footage Found

New D-War footage!I was about to open up this story by saying that it feels like I’ve been reporting on Korean director Shim Hyung-Rae’s giant monster epic D-War for what feels like years, but then I realized that I actually have been reporting on it for years. I’ve lost track of how long D-War has been in the works. But there’s good news: It looks like we may finally be getting closer.

For those in need of a refresher, little known outside of his native country Korean filmmaker Shim Hyung Rae (director of the lousy 1999 Yonggary remake that was released to video in the US under the title Reptilian) somehow managed to get $70 million in Korean financing to produce an epic, English language, giant monster flick called D-War. Combining elements of Korean mythology with more outlandish sci-fi fantasy elements in a tale the culminates in the unleashing of a horde of dragons and other monsters, including a giant serpent, on downtown Los Angeles, Rae set out to make the ultimate giant monster movie and is gambling on the 100-minute creature feature that reportedly boasts over an hour’s worth of CGI to score big internationally. It stars American actors Jason Behr (“Roswell”), Amanda Brooks (Flightplan), Elizabeth Pena (Strangeland), Chris Mulkey (Ghost in the Machine), and Robert Forster (Jackie Brown).

So what’s the new news on D-War? First, the world premiere screening of the film took place a few days ago at the American Film Market. Odds are you won’t see any reviews pop up online since it was a buyers-only screening, but the fact that this screening even took place means the film is now complete and distribution rights are ready to be sold to worldwide territories.

The other news is that Twitch Film has provided a link to a downloadable Korean TV news story about this first screening, and it is most definitely worth a look. I don’t know if the story or the acting will be any damn good, but the new movie footage seen in this TV story makes my mouth water like Homer Simpson salivating over a doughnut. The digital effects work looks nothing short of spectacular. I cannot wait to see D-War. Of course, the question remains, how much longer will we have to wait until we all finally get that chance?

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