IDW’s Horrific Future

IDW horror title galore!IDW Publishing announced a huge slate of new titles during Comic Con, and thankfully they were kind enough to send out one press release detailing all of them. Saves us the time of tracking down bits and pieces for each one, you know?

  • Most horror fans gave Joe Hill’s Locke & Key a go when IDW had it out earlier this year, especially when Dimension swooped in and grabbed the book’s movie rights after a couple of issues. So of course a sequel is on the way, Locke & Key II: Head Games, which will again feature artwork by Gabriel Rodriguez. Ultimately there will be 24 more issues, then one big graphic novel.

  • A new storyline for the Angel comics has been planned, of course based on Joss Whedon’s “Buffy” spin-off, but no details were spoken of, only that it would be different from the current ongoing story.

  • Dara Naraghi will pen the comic prequel to Terminator Salvation, with art being handled by Alan Robinson. A weekly adaptation of the movie will be coming out as well from Jeff Mariotte and Don Figueroa.

  • Steve Niles discussed his upcoming vampire superhero book Epilogue during the show, as well as his plans to edit a graphic miniseries called Dark Delicacies, which will feature comic interpretations of short horror tales by some of the best in the business. Obviously the Burbank horror store Dark Delicacies is behind this also.

  • While we wait for the game and see if there actually will be another film, writer Keith Champagne and artist Tom Nbuyen have teamed up for Ghostbusters: The Other Side, which sees the four ‘Busters sent to limbo after running afoul of a group of ghostly gangsters.

  • A two-part prequel to Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is on its way. A prequel to a prequel? How far back are they going to go with this?

  • Finally coming next year is a new chapter in Zombies VS. Robots, the series created by Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood. Zombies VS. Robots: KAMPF will tell a tale of “total war”, according to the press release.
  • Damn, that’s a lot of titles to keep track of, and those are only the ones with horror themes! Hopefully we can bring you more on each as they come closer to publication, so stay tuned!

    Johnny Butane

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    • slowburn

      Not bashing here, just being honest in saying that IDW has turned into a disappointment for me, as I don’t consider the majority of their titles to be very horror-themed aside from a couple of simple elements (which are clearly not enough).

      I think I’ll just reread Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run again and sigh.