Darabont’s Mist Moves Fast

Darabont makes Mist fast and furious!All this time, all these years waiting for Frank Darabont to finally be able to do the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist he’s been talking about forever, and it all might be over by next May.

In anticipation of next week’s release of the 2-disc Green Mile DVD (get it here), those cannibalistic bipeds at CHUD sat down with the film’s helmer, Frank Darabont, and of course the subject of The Mist came up. Thankfully it’s finally all good news!

” The Mist … is going to be a really quick project; it’s very low budget, very fast, not unlike what Danny Boyle did in 28 Days Later, which I found very inspiring in terms of, hell, just go out and make a movie and have fun with it,” he told the site. “It’ll be a pretty fast and furious narrative, really. And I’m certain the shortest film I’ve made to date.”

Darabont goes on to say that casting will begin this week, and when he says the film will be done fast, he means it; a start date of sometime in February is likely. Some fans, myself included, have been hesitant about the idea of The Weinstein Co. being behind the film, but Frank’s able to lay those fears to rest or at least allow ‘em a nap. “I think they’re legitimately really super excited about this. Unlike some other folks I have spoken to, they’re really embracing the darker and edgier choices. Bob Weinstein is being tremendously supportive, and that makes me very happy.”

You’re not the only one, Frank! Click here to check out the entire interview, which also covers Fahrenheit 451 and more!

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