SDCC 08: Paul Anderson on Death Race Sequel

Paul WS Anderson talking about RE4Paul Bartel’s Death Race 2000 is one of my favorite films from the ’70s. It outranks even Star Wars on my list, and I’m a hardcore SW nerd. So, of course, my heart sank when I heard Paul W.S. Anderson was taking the name and bringing his “bigger means better, especially with Predator claws” attitude towards the film.

Needless to say, the trailer for Death Race showed us everything we were afraid of: no Frankenstein, no points system, and no Junior Bruce! Hell, the list can go on and on as to why this film should be titled something more like Twisted Metal, but Anderson is going to make that all better with … the sequel!

Andrew Kasch chatted it up with the super fan about what his plans are if Death Race makes bank. Anderson states that he wants to go back to the pedestrian-killing race system for the sequel. Perhaps he would be better off ending his leeching from the work of others and make his own film for a change?


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