SDCC 08: The Dead Space Invasion!

Dead Space concept art (click to see the whole thing!)On October 21st, EA Games is going to unleash one of the most anticipated horror video games of the year, Dead Space. The game would be enough to satisfy any genre fan but to sweeten the deal, EA is going cross media to make the story more tangible with a comic and animated film.

Uncle Creepy checked in with a ton of information about both the Dead Space comic and animated feature. Let’s start first with the comic, which is currently on its fifth out of six issues. It’s written by Antony Johnston and drawn by 30 Days of Night artist Ben Templesmith. This series acts as a prequel focusing on a mining colony 500 years in the future and an religious relic known as “The Marker”. The mysterious object begins to effect the colonists, infecting them, killing them and then reanimating its victims. The colony is overrun and this brings us to the film.

Dead Space: Down Fall follows the crew of a ship called “Ishimura” as they investigate what happened at the mining colony. Needless to say, the shit hits the fan. So who’s going to investigate the investigators?

Here’s where the video game comes in. Another group of people arrive to find out what kind of hell has been unleashed. Gamers will be treated to a experience inspired by Event Horizon and Aliens, along with Japanese and European horror movies. Antony Johnston will provide the script for the in-game dialog and we’re being told the entire Dead Space experience will be as graphic and provocative as Saw and Hostel.

Everything Dead Space will be in stores on October 21st. This includes the game, DVD and a graphic novel collection of all 6 issues of the comic book mini-series.


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