SDCC 08: Terminator Salvation Report!

Terminator SalvationTristan just checked in from after getting out of the Terminator Salvation panel with some encouraging news about the sequel.
First and most importantly, the film will be dedicated to the memory of Stan Winston. Good call on their part to show respect where it’s due.

Filming is about halfway done and the footage they showed from the movie so far, he said, looked pretty damn good. McG told them that the PG 13 rating rumor that’s going around is bogus; indeed, the studio is open to whatever works best for the film in terms of its rating so it could be an R, it could be PG 13, but nothing was set from the beginning.

Finally, someone asked if there were any chance of Schwarzenegger showing up in the film. All McG would say is that the Terminator Salvation will tell the beginning of the Terminator story, and the T-800 is definitely a part of that mythology. A bit vague, but who knows? Tristan mentioned that ending the film on a shot of the first T-800 Arnold model being made would be pretty badass, and I agree!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Impure159

    I think he’s pretty much required at this point, I think (Hope?) this movie will be good, a good apocalypse movie always makes me happy.

  • PelusaMG

    This film doesn’t need “I’ll be back-ing McCain” Arnie… Stay away from it big Austrian California politics guy!!!