Hasselhoff vs. Anaconda This Saturday Night

Surprise! Another bad movie!Under normal circumstances an Anaconda sequel made for the Sci-Fi Channel would not elicit any degree of excitement of my part but when the sequel stars David Hasselhoff and the prospect of seeing “The Hoff” fight and possibly get eaten by a huge snake looms on the horizon, yeah, consider me officially interested.

Anaconda 3: The Offspring premieres this Saturday night on the Sci-Fi Channel (9/8 Central with the usual repeat four hours later) starring David Hasselhoff as a mercenary-for-hire who accepts a mission from a billionaire (John Rhys-Davies, a man’s gotta eat) to capture a dangerous snake that could possibly help cure a terminal illness. Rounding out the cast are Crystal Allen, Patrick Regis, and Anthony Green in the prerequisite attractive female, token black, and handsome riverboat captain roles.

This installment in the Anaconda franchise is directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy. He knows something about dealing with coldblooded creatures having previously helmed three movies starring Steven Seagal: Today You Die, Mercenary for Justice, and Urban Justice. His last foray into Sci-Fi Channel territory was the disastrous Stan Lee’s Lightspeed, one of the worst Sci-Fi Channel originals ever. I’ll try not to hold that against him.

Come to think of it; if it was Steven Seagal vs. a maneating snake it would be even a million times greater. Still, David Hasselhoff vs a maneating snake is nothing to sneeze at either. Be sure to tune in to Anaconda 3 this Saturday night to witness the epic battle between snake and Hoff.

Besides, if you don’t then you won’t be up speed on the events setting up Anaconda 4: Trail of Blood – coming soon to the Sci-Fi Channel.

The Foywonder

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  • Chainsaw

    Well, he’s not naked holding a puppy, so…yeah.

  • conundrum

    Is that the best picture of the Hoff ever?

    Survey says… yes!