New UK Bloodsucker Flick Blood and Roses

Axelle and fellow vamp in Blood and RosesWe were just directed to a new film being made right now in the UK by first-time director Simon Aitken called Blood and Roses. It’s significant to us because one of our favorite journalists/actresses is in it: Axelle Carolyn. She’s been taking bit parts in more and more movies as of late, and it’s always great to see her on screen.

Blood and Roses is the story of a couple who take a holiday in the hopes of rekindling their love for one another but quickly find that there’s just nothing there. The wife meets a strange man who turns out to be a vampire, and of course he takes advantage of her weakness to turn her as well. But in order to be 100% vamp, she has to feed, which leads to some hard choices. I bet that husband’s looking pretty good…

Axelle’s part is a small one in the film’s prologue; you can see some behind-the-scenes shots of her over on her MySpace page and learn more about Blood and Roses at its MySpace page. There are a whole lot of production diaries and blogs to sift through, so get clickin’!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • MarysiaKay

    Also starring, um… me! Previously seen in When Evil Calls and Forest of the Damned and also starring in upcoming horror features The Scar Crow and Colour From The Dark (with Debbie Rochon).

    It’s a sad day when a girl has to go around blowing her own trumpet 😉

  • Blockbuster

    This sounds KINDA like the short that came out a while back with the husband who was cheating…remember that? Pretty good…