Exclusive: Boll Madness!

If a fanboy screams and he’s online, does he make a sound? I guess we’re about to find out because we here at Dread Central have a monster truckload of exclusive news regarding the Internet’s biggest foe: Dr. Uwe Boll.

While hopping around the circus that is AFM, I managed to catch up with Dr. Boll during back-to-back screenings of his two latest flicks, In the Name of the King and Seed. Both are improvements over his previous films, but the big shocker of the evening came when Boll unveiled scenes from his latest video game movie, Postal. To everyone’s surprise the footage screened looked damn funny! Best described as big-budget Troma, Postal takes the kitchen sink approach to bad-taste: We get graphic violence, obese sex, Bush/Bin Laden jokes, and Dave Foley’s penis. The early trailer showed wall-to-wall gun massacres and explosions, and no innocent bystander is spared a gory death – not even little children and infants. On top of that, Uwe does a send-up of himself as a crazed lederhosen-wearing German director. If you love offensive splatter comedy, this is right up your alley.

Speaking with Dread Central, Uwe confirmed that he’s in the director’s chair for Bloodrayne 2, which goes before the cameras in two weeks. “The sequel takes place 100 years after the first film and is set in the Wild West,” Boll told us. “Rayne comes to America, deals with the Brimstone society, and ends up fighting Billy the Kid, who has been turned into a vampire.” Alas, those looking for more nipplage from Kristanna Loken will be sorely disappointed. “Kristanna is booked for a whole year with the Sci-Fi Channel. The new actress is Natassia Malthe from Elektra, Dead or Alive, and Skinwalkers.”

Also on the slate is Alone in the Dark 2, which the good doctor will produce but not direct. “Both will be direct-to-video titles with completely different casts and will be made for $10 million each,” adds Boll.

I also had a chance to speak with Dan West, director of the documentary Raging Boll, which chronicles the cult phenomenon behind the world’s most hated director. I was shown several clips from the work-in-progress, and it looks downright amazing: We get a detailed look at the insanity behind Uwe’s boxing matches as well as interviews with fans and haters and watch as Uwe rants about his detractors. The documentary is very level-headed, neither a fluff piece nor an outright attack, and looks to be the most entertaining film on the subject since American Movie. Expect this one to take the film festival world by storm.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Uwe Boll is one of the most fascinating people in the biz, and it looks like we’re going to be seeing plenty more of him in the next year! Keep it here for a lot more as it becomes available to us!

Andrew Kasch

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