It’s Offical: The Asylum is Evil

Asylum's new EvilYes, Evil is a new movie from The Asylum. Please don’t click away just yet. Hear me out for a second. This one is actually worth your time to take a look at. In a good way, I mean. Seriously, the trailer is actually worth watching.

If Evil sounds like about as generic a title as you’ve ever heard, well, it is. Just keep in mind the film’s original Russian title translates to The Witch – equally generic. The Asylum acquired this 2006 Russian supernatural thriller for DVD release on August 19th under its new Evil title.

That the film is an acquisition on the Asylum’s part and not an in-house production explains why the movie looks pretty damn impressive. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the trailer for this gothic horror film from our Russian comrades and see for yourself. I don’t know if it’ll be any good, but visually it’s quite impressive.

I’m assuming the film is going to be dubbed into English for its DVD release. I’m also assuming The Asylum didn’t try too hard when coming up with a plot synopsis to post on the movie’s webpage: “Based on the classic legend of a cynical journalist who discovers that the power of faith can defeat the forces of unspeakable darkness”

Say what? I know of no classic legends involving cynical journalists, not even the one about Bill O’Reilly pulling the sword out of Larry King’s ass and becoming the king of cable news.

And while I’m nitpicking, the tagline atop the box art:


Uh, I don’t think the ultimate power of faith is a “classic Christian tale”; I’m fairly certain the ultimate power of faith is pretty much the backbone of the religion itself.

All joking aside, The Asylum seems to be on quite a religious kick of late. Feast your eyes on the box art for their October mockbuster release…

Sunday School Musical!?!

The Foywonder

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  • Avid Fan

    Interesting, this looks to be the modern retelling of the short tale by Nikolai Gogol called The Viy, which is also a film of the same name (Viy or the US title “Spirit of Evil”)that came out in 1967. This re-make could be good. The original was great and had many elements of evil dead (long traveling camera POV pans and extreme angle shots, weird demons) and hammer films (gothic church setting, seductive witch).