X-Files 2 DVD News

X-Files DVD DetailsAndrew Kasch just called in with some early and welcome news from the X-Files: I Want to Believe press junket pertaining to the sequel’s trip to home video land.

According to the powers-that-be, the film’s DVD release will be a “longer, more explicit, unrated, director’s cut”. You know — a version filled with the type of stuff that should have been in it to begin with. I mean God forbid it be theatrically released with adults and fans of of the show in mind. We have to wait. Still, I’ll be there at theatres hoping for the best.

Early buzz on the film has not exactly been great, but hey, at least this is something to believe in, right?

Trust no one.

Uncle Creepy

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  • Gus Bjork

    A big friggen spider crawls out of a guys mouth while he’s still alive and attacks someone in one episode! Maybe it’s my thing with spiders but that was one of the most intense television experiences I ever had and I would say, yeah that pushed the pg13 limits. I don’t see any reason the xfiles movie would have to be R but I would say it would be a draw in this case. The Xfiles did like to celebrate it’s gruesomeness and they did it quite well.

    • Messiahman

      Not to mention there were episodes that featured the following:

      Guys puking up bloody, giant flukeworms.

      Guys literally sucking the fat out of people’s bodies with their mouths.

      People getting their intestines liposuctioned out.

      Incestuous hillbillies killing babies and beating families to death.

      People contracting diseases that caused them to have splattery, exploding boils that sprayed people around them with bloody and puss.

      Human/alien hybrids getting stabbed in the neck and melting into disgusting piles of reddish-green goo before our eyes.

      Indian shamen that ate people and regurgitated them into zombies.

      Teenage girls slicing open their wrists in plain view.

      Closeups on severed heads that festered with thousands of maggots.

      Evil Indian fakirs that killed people by burrowing up their asses!

      And that’s just off the top of my head; there are hundreds more examples throughout the show’s run. To fob it off and say that the show rarely went past the boundaries of the TV13 rating is the height of idiocy. It’s one of the goriest shows that has EVER aired on network television.

      Fox has no faith in this film, as is evident with the lackluster marketing. They made it primarily because Duchovny showed interest (and Carter was constantly harping to them). Going for an R-rating would have very probably drawn in more people than will actually show up. As it stands, there is no reason for anyone to go see it.

      And it would be entirely in keeping with the nature of the show.

  • G.D.

    “I mean God forbid it be theatrically released with adults and fans of of the show in mind.”

    Yeah, god forbid they release a movie that is in line with the PG-13 nature of the TV show, right?


    • Sirand

      Did you even watch the show? The horror episodes were R-rated in nature even with the TV censorship. One was actually banned from broadcast.

      • Uncle Creepy

        Exactly Sirand, and to that point most X-Files fans I know are now in their thirties and above. If you’re going to make a movie for the fans why not take advantage of the fact that you’re on the big screen, your fan base is now older, and you can get away with more?

        And if you have more racier footage, why not add it for it’s theatrical release? It’s not like the studio has to worry about the rating effecting bank. Fans would go see this if it were rated G or NC17.

        • Sirand

          That said, no rating will help this film.

        • The Unknown Murderer

          The suits are retards.

          Maybe this is too much of a blanket statement, but I said it.

        • G.D.

          What kind of logic is that?

          Most Simpsons fans who grew up on it are in their 20s or 30s. When they made a Flintstones movie, most fans were older…most fans of ANY TV series are older when the movies are made. Should those movies all then be R-rated?

          And yeah, that’s believeable that fans would see if it was NC-17.

          Good logic.

          Really good.

          • Uncle Creepy

            FYI, did you see The Simpson’s Movie? There was content in it that wouldn’t have flown on TV, so your argument using that as an example is moot. As for the Flintstones, that’s mainly a children’s property. Can you really compare it to the X-Files even in terms of fan base?

            Great examples to further you argument.

            Really great.

            I’m not saying every movie should be R rated. I never said that, and despite your incessant attempts at twisting words, I never will. There are many movies out there that are rated PG, PG13, or even G that I love.

            What I am saying is that a boundary pushing genre property like the X-Files should have taken advantage of the loosening of network constraints. Tales from the Darkside did. And yes, even the Simpsons did. Hell, now that I think of it, even the Scooby-Doo movies had discreet little adult jokes in them that never would have flown on network TV in its day, so apparently I’m not alone in my opinion that you should take advantage of what’s within your reach.

            From what I’ve heard from multiple people, this latest X-Files movie is as tame and lame as it comes.

            Sad really.

          • G.D.

            Yes, the movie could very well push the boundaries on the big screen…IF that’s what they’re going for. The show told procedural stories, sci-fi stories, comedy stories, horror stories…it told every kind of story.

            IF they were doing a ‘Home’-like story for the big screen then YES, it should by all means be r-rated. They shouldn’t be constrained by the rating if their intent is to tell an intense, horrific story.

            But there are TONS of AMAZING episodes that don’t have a drop of blood and don’t rely on anything anywhere near being r-rated, so to bitch about the fact that it’s not r-rated, ESPECIALLY without having seen it is asinine.

            If the movie sucks, it sucks. And if it sucks because Carter tried to shoot an r-rated movie and had to pare it down to get a PG-13, then that’s garbage. But if it sucks and the reason ISN’T because they had to cut all the gore, then the point is completely moot.

            And jesus…every movie nowadays get an unrated DVD version. Have you seen the unrated Live Free or Die Hard? They dubbed in f-bombs in scenes where you could clearly see that the audio didn’t match what the actors were saying, so who’s to say that this extra stuff wasn’t just shot specifically for the DVD.

          • The Woman In Black

            Also, wasn’t the first X-Files movie PG-13 too? I don’t recall everyone harping about that at the time. All I want is a decent flick — it can be rated G for all I care if the script, acting, etc., is good enough.

      • G.D.

        Well there you go. You’ve proved your point.

        201 episodes, one was deemed too intense for TV.

        I guess your less than 1/2 of 1 percent of the episodes being R-rated really supports the argument that the horror episodes were R-rated.

        I watched most of the first 6 seasons and I can probably count on one hand the number of episodes that pushed the boundaries of the PG-13/TV14 rating.

        If people are going to bitch about the movie not being hardcore fan-friendly, then they should be bitching that it’s not sci-fi/alien/conspiracy-based enough, rather than for it not being R-rated. And since they’re going for the broadest audience possible to be able to revive the franchise, it’s completely understandable.

        I hope it doesn’t suck.

        • Messiahman

          G.D., I watched it too, and there were certainly many more than a handful of episodes that not only pushed the boundaries of TV13 but gleefully jumped right over them. This is a show that regularly showcased R-rated gore and content – which it got away with since it aired after Prime Time – still, the network’s Standards and Practices had a field day with the show, and it regularly caught shit for being far and away the most violent show on television. I’d say that you have a selective, faulty memory, but the real truth here is that you clearly just get off on attacking virtually every article or review on this site, in spite of your clear lack of knowledge on most of these subjects (your moronically ignorant rants on the FEAR ITSELF ratings are a prime example of this). You seem to feel that it’s your duty to correct anything and everything and to tell other folks how to act and think, logic be damned.

          The movie sucks, G.D. It sucks hard.

          But it doesn’t suck half as much as having to read your endless annoyingly whiny posts. You’re worse than the kid who takes names in class when the teacher’s away.

          Do me a favor and fuck off already, capiche?

          • G.D.

            Sorry, but no. It did not regularly showcase R-rated gore. Go and rewatch the show, man. It didn’t.

            I love that I’M the one that’s whiny when I’m responding to people bitching that a PG-13/TV14 show isn’t being turned into a gorefest movie. I’m the whiner. Right. That’s me being whiny.

            Who’s taking names? What the fuck are you even on about? I’m sorry I have a different opinion than the great messiahman, knower of all!

            And also, I’m so, so sorry that I used my knowledge of TV ratings (a field I work in every day) and, you know, logic to argue against people who spout off without knowing shit about fucking shit. I’m sorry you don’t know anything about how the TV world works and have some retard logic that states that a niche horror show in a late timeslot should be beating CSI, Two & a Half Men and ER and the fact that it isn’t makes it a failure. I’m sorry that I know how TV ratings work and that your logic of “I hated it, therefore it’s a ratings failure” doesn’t hold up.

            I’m not telling anyone how to act and think. That seems to be your job.

            Hell, you told me that movie sucks hard. And then you tell me to fuck off. And you tell me I shouldn’t act like a kid who writes down names? Wanna take your medication please? Please? Do us all a favour.

            I’m sorry that you can’t deal with dissenting opinions and the fact that I disagree makes me somehow a whiner.

            Stop your fucking whining about “having to read” my posts, you fucking baby. I’m so so sorry that my handful of posts are so horrible that they ruin your day and make you cry.

            Don’t fucking read them if you don’t want.

          • Messiahman

            It has nothing to do with dissenting opinions, genius — it has to do with your regularly bitchy, condescending tone. Fact is, you regularly come off like a whiny, patronizing asshole in the bulk of your posts.

            As for your assertion about the FEAR ITSELF ratings, you apparently suffer from a short memory as well as your usual stupidity — I said nothing of the like. I discussed how the show was doing in the all-important demos, something you seemed to know nothing about. Newsflash — not only do I know more about how ratings work, I know exactly what’s going on with FEAR ITSELF. And by the way — not only do I work in Hollywood, but I am also good friends with a great many people who work on the show. So I know *exactly* how the network feels about its bleeding ratings and shitty demos.

            This had nothing to with “I hated it therefore it’s a ratings failure” at all. It had to do with how actual ratings work and how they work in relation to the show itself. Plain and simple — you may “work in the field” but you still have no idea what you’re talking about.

            I don’t imagine you get paid very well. 😀

            As for THE X-FILES, it certainly DID regularly feature boundary-pushing gore (a few examples are detailed above, and there are plenty more) and is still one of the most notorious whipping boys of Standards and Practices. Again, this is fact.

            The problem I have with you isn’t merely that you’re completely full of shit — it’s that you’re so vocal about being full of shit. But then again, that’s pretty much de rigueur for the internet, isn’t it?

          • The Woman In Black

            Please lay off the personal attacks in these Comments — that’s not what they’re here for. If you wish to express your contempt for each other, use personal messages. You’re both acting rather silly, especially MM. Personally, I don’t see G.D. being particularly condescending here. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, whether you agree with them or not. Obviously you two don’t get along. The rest of us really don’t care.

          • Messiahman

            I guess I just don’t suffer fools gladly.

          • G.D.

            I may have been wrong about Fear Itself. Honestly, I lost interest in the show and hadn’t thought about it until you brought it up here. (Don’t know why that haunts you, but whatever).

            If you read my comments as being whiny or condescending, that’s your baggage, not mine.

            And just because I might have been wrong about FI, that doesn’t make my point any less valid here.

            Yes, there were some episodes that pushed the boundaries. Yes, there may have been a handful (definitely one: Home) that would have been R-rated. But even if I were to concede that there are FIFTY such episodes (which I’m not, but I’m using that number for the sake of argment), that’s STILL only 1/4 of the episodes and that STILL leaves the VAST majority of the show that WASN’T the equivalent of r-rated.

            Again, I say that if you’re going to complain about the movie not servicing the fans, then you should be complaining about it not being an alien/conspiracy story, not the fact that it isn’t R-rated.

            Don’t get me wrong, I would be happy as a pig in shit if Carter recruited Morgan & Wong to write a story in the vein of Home or Die Hand Die Verletzt. But to imply that they’re ignoring their fanbase by not making it R-rated is absurd.

  • TsMkLg068426

    WoW! I notice their aren’t any X-Files FANS left? It has been so long and fans have been waiting for 2nd one, I am going to see it on July 25th. Everyone should give it a chance and go see it.

    • Gus Bjork

      I liked the show and watched most of the episdoes but I wouldn’t say I was a fan. But why would should anybody feel obligated to see a movie that just doesn’t seem all that interesting? I haven’t seen or heard a thing about it that has grabbed my attention. Personally, I think this is something a good share of people are going to wait and see on dvd.

  • PelusaMG

    I’ll pass!

  • Messiahman

    There are no monsters in this film. None at all.

    It’s essentially X-Files reimagined as CSI — a medical procedural. The only mild hint of the supernatural comes in the form of Billy Connolly’s character, who is a psychic with a penchant for stating the obvious.

    Mark my words — this will be the final nail in XF’s tarnished coffin.

    • Uncle Creepy

      What about that one pic we did a story on that showed that werewolf like thingy?

      Wow this sounds like a bummer.

      • Messiahman

        The werewolf head photo was a fake, planted on the internet by the crew to hoax the fans. Carter and Spotnitz admitted that ages ago.

        Not only are there no monsters, there are no mentions of aliens either.

        However, there’s an hour of Scully having a crisis of faith due to a terminally ill child.

        Fun, huh?

  • Sexy Mcmanbeast

    Damn straight, anything with Gillian Anderson bouncing around in it and monsters can’t be that bad!