Tom Savini is Voracious!

We just got word in that SFX legend Tom Savini will be directing a flick called Voracious. The cast is said to be populated by familiar horror faces Tiffany Shepis, Debbie Rochon and Michael Berryman (who is currently unsigned but in talks).

Sadly, we don’t know much more about the production other than this synopsis we were provided…

Post ‘9/11′.

One of America’s greatest national tragedies. A time where the countries governmental securities took advantage of their countrymen’s fears and suspicions. The newly formed US Department of Homeland Security and its allies discover a terrible plot brewing in the mountains of Afghanistan. A formidable new breed of vampire bat is being genetically created to attack the American shores.

Yet … something they didn’t count on occurs!

During the interrogation, a vile killer silently emerges. Genetics Vampirillius Ixodida. A common tick. But there is nothing common about this creature, but rather a nightmarish aberration. This mutated insect’s blood is genetically altered, infecting its host. Once infection takes control of the host blood stream and tissue, a deadly metamorphosis occurs, sending the infected on a gruesome killing spree … The insane craving of blood!

This discovery doesn’t go unnoticed by interested parties.

Walsh Industries, a leader in research and development for many top secret arsenals and urban expansion, see the grim potential for this lethal strain. What they are incapable of realizing, this killer has begun its devastation.

Unbeknownst to a group of campers, their plans for a fun-filled weekend change drastically into new levels of terror. Encountering a hellish foe … Vampires! The very existence of the human race is at stake … but it becomes very clear what lies in the horizon … oblivion!


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Kryten Syxx

  • Blockbuster

    Uhhhh…vampire zombies? Or zombie vampires? I’m confused.