E3 2008 Wii Frights: Fatal Frame 4 and Dead Rising

Fatal Frames on my Wii? (click to see it bigger!)So Nintendo had absolutely nothing for horror gamers in their press conference at E3 yesterday. Don’t worry, though; there are still some quality horror titles heading to the Nintendo Wii.

For example, you’ve got Fatal Frame 4, which is looking rather nice. Nintendo released a trailer for it on the Japanese Nintendo Channel. It’s in Japanese and it’s incredibly dark… so you can’t really draw too much from it… but the main reason I’m directing your attention to it is to remind you it’s out there. And so you can watch the absolutely hilarious Japanese adverts that show terrified Japanese people playing the game.

Someone kindly recorded all of the videos off of their Wii and hosted them up on YouTube. Definitely worth a watch.

The other big horror related Wii news out of Japan today is a bit of a shocker. Dead Rising is going to come out on the Wii.

Zombies on my Wii? (click to see it bigger!)Yes, that Dead Rising. The one that featured hundreds of zombies onscreen at once and gave you a plethora of ways to dispatch them. The one that got sued for being too like Dawn of the Dead despite having a disclaimer about not being made or supported by any of the people that made Dawn of the Dead.

As for how the Wii is going to cope, how downgraded the graphics are going to be, and how much they are adding to make the game stand on its own, your guess is currently as good as mine. Well, unless you can read Japanese.

Capcom did a great job with Resident Evil 4 on the Wii so there’s plenty of room for optimism… but that was a port of a GameCube game, rather than an Xbox 360 game.

You can check out the scans for yourself here.

Some appear to be shots from the 360 version, but I think most of the pictures on the third page are from the Wii version, and if I’m not mistaken in that, it’s not looking that bad at all.


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  • Spaceshark

    Somebody give 360 a Fatal Frame. Seriously.

    • frank_dracman

      Yes please. The ending of the second one gave me chills. The whole butterfly thing? I’m gonna go ahead and say genius.