Gods, Ghosts and the Dead at E3!

Ghostbusters (click to see it bigger!)Well Sony and Nintendo didn?t really have much for us horror fans at their conferences, which is a shame since both have high profile horror titles heading to their systems, but that doesn?t mean that we don?t still have a stack of stuff to update you on.

If I?m trying to find something that might interest you guys, God of War 3 was announced for PS3 coming out sometime after this Christmas. No game footage was shown, though, so …

Let?s start with Ghostbusters from Activision, which drops with a bunch of new screenshots and a rather slick new trailer and unsurprisingly gets some mileage out of the fact that all the original Ghostbusters are back.

You?ll find the trailer here and the new screenshots here.

Left 4 Dead (click to see it bigger!)Dead Space rolls out with another new trailer. Not sure if this one comes from another famous horror movie director or not, but it?s really rather slick, juxtaposing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with some seriously creepy imagery.

This is probably my favourite trailer out of E3 so far in fact. There are also four new screenshots of Dead Space to see.

We don?t stop there either with our continuing deluge of horror media out of E3.

You want some Left 4 Dead screenshots?

You still want more? If I ever catch up with all these impressions and videos, you?ll get more. A lot more.


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  • Avid Fan

    After watching the new Dead Space trailer, I noticed a new Resistance 2 game play trailer. Check it out, there is a huge monster called Leviathan that seems to be a/the big boss that is like a slower version of the Cloverfield monster. It’s a rather cinematic looking game segment, worth the look-see.

  • MagusMaleficus

    I am so fucking pumped for the Ghostbusters game… The original cast is back, Ramis and Ackroyd wrote the story, the physics look frickin’ sick…

    Damn, what more could a Ghostbusters fanboy/gamer want?