Hellboy 2 Wins, First DVD News!

Hellboy II WinsI bet Universal’s pretty happy with itself right now for stepping in when Sony couldn’t be bothered with the Hellboy franchise. Guillermo del Toro’s “>Hellboy II: The Golden Army (review) kicked some serious ass at the box office this weekend, to the tune of $35.9 million.

Personally I couldn’t be happier. The movie is amazing on pretty much every level, full of fantastic action, great monsters, believable characters, and the first-ever fishman/demon singing duet! This marks the largest opening for del Toro to date, beating out Blade II by a large margain, and is a comfortable $12 million higher than the original Hellboy.

Of course, all this means a very, very badass Hellboy II DVD is on its way. “We start the DVD the day the screenplay gets approved,” del Toro told Home Media Magazine. “Javier Soto and I, we’ve been working on the DVD since day zero. He was there the first day we opened the offices. He has been documenting every step of the movie.”

While we can expect a ton of extras on the eventual release, one thing we won’t be seeing is a longer cut of the film. “I think scenes that don’t work sometimes are good scenes or bad scenes, but they are taken out, and learning why they were taken out is very useful,” the director continued. “As you direct and as you work, sometimes the most beautiful shot is the one that gets in the way of the storytelling, so you end up taking it out. I think it’s good schooling to know that. That crane that you spent half a day choreographing and beautiful Hitchcockian push-in, that’s the one you have to cut out. It’s nice for kids to learn that.”

So does all this success mean we actually will be seeing Hellboy III? Hopefully the answer it “yes”, but del Toro’s got to work on some smaller films first; something called The Hobbit or something like that. Stay tuned for news when we hear it!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Kryten Syxx

    I gotta find out which women’s prison is full of Maxim models and the standard issue clothing comes from the top fashion designers.

    • Morgan Elektra

      You noticed that too huh? I know it’s some sort of male fantasy that women’s prisons are all about hot girl-on-girl action between smokin’ lipstick lesbians… But I still couldn’t help laughing at the female ‘navigators’ as they came on screen and thinking how hilarious it would be if the women in the movie REALLY looked like female prisoners.

      • Undeadmin

        There are hot girls in prision. And why is it such a stretch to believe
        that only the attractive ones would be brought in to be navigators for a sport that is supposed to entertain the masses?

        Im not saying the movie looks good but thats just an illogical complaint. They are going for ratings with the death races, just like Fox News. They are going to using the most violent people and the hottest girls. It makes perfect sense.

        • Gus Bjork

          That’s what I have been gathering too. This is all a media event so why not hustle in the eye-candy? Perhaps in context of the film the throw that in there. Like Undeadmin it doesn’t mean that I am expecting anything at all from the film cause I’m not. But this particular complaint just isn’t that valid.

        • Morgan Elektra

          Well, granted the film isn’t going to be big on logic. I would never expect that. But I’m guessing that the women prisoners they’re bringing in as navigators would be the ones in for serious felonies (or else why would they risk it?)… Women like that are generally repeat offenders, and spending years in and out of prison, and a life of crime on the outside don’t really do a body good.

          I’m not saying there aren’t any good looking women in prison. But I’m pretty positive you’d be hard pressed to find any hard timers who look like the girls listed on IMDB as cast members.

  • Johnny Butane

    God, what a horrible, horrible trailer that is…

    • NeoKefka

      It was even worse for me when I went to see Hellboy II because before the start time, the theater I was at runs some kind of movie preview thing with sound bite interviews and such and they were talking about Death Race in that. Then, the trailers start up and I had to sit that Trailer AGAIN.

      All I could think was “My god, it looks like a Michael Bay movie…only dumber!”

  • Kryten Syxx

    Now if only the trailer for Paul “I only appeal to 13 year old boys” Anderson’s Death Race hadn’t come on right before Hellboy 2… That just soured the whole thing. Oh, and the parents who sat right next to me and explained everything on screen to their 5 yaer old. WTF?!

    • frank_dracman

      “Is it gonna be scary”? That’s all I heard from the little kid behind me. Here’s a tip for all you parents out there. If you’re kid has not been exposed to alot of horror or scary movies, don’t bring him to one called HELLboy. Chances are it might have some, oh I don’t know, scary imagary. So then the teeth faries show up. Little kid, exit stage left. I give him credit, he came back with his mom and sat through the rest, and he was pretty quite after that.
      And seriously, am I the only one who thinks cool cars with big guns is awesome? It looks like Impact Racing, Burnout, Cars Wars, Mad Max, Road Rash, Speed Rumbler and of course Death Race 2000 crashed at an intersection and this crawled out of the wreakage. It’s gonna be crap, but it just might be my kinda crap.

      • The Woman In Black

        You’re not alone, Frank. I’ve been a fan of this sort of trash since Two-Lane Blacktop and its ilk back in the early 70’s. We’ll be seeing the new Death Race opening weekend I’m sure.

        One preview that came out of nowhere before Hellboy II was Eagle Eye. I had heard nothing about it beforehand but have to say it looked pretty good.

    • Morgan Elektra

      Ugh. I had blocked the whole Death Race trailer out of my mind until you said this… Now I must scour my brain with a brillo pad in the hopes of cleaning those images out of it again.