Farmer Talks Valentine Redux

Screenwriter Todd FarmerYou know how we feel about remakes here at Dread. You know how long it takes to convince us that maybe, just maybe, the remake is justified. And though I’ve never really cared one way or another about the My Bloody Valentine redux, a new interview with its screenwriter, Todd Farmer, has almost swayed me to the side of not only caring, but actually looking forward to it.

Farmer, you may recall, was responsible for the Jason X script, one of the best of the series I don’t care what anyone says. And while his follow-up, The Messengers (on which he was only one of about a dozen writers), may not have blown anyone away, it sounds like he’s back in a good place with My Bloody Valentine 3D.

“[Director] Patrick [Lussier] and I built on Zane Smith’s already strong script. We forged a solid story as well as realistic, unique and often flawed characters. We got a greenlight and the movie prepping began,” he told Oh, The Horror! in a recent interview. ”Then, as often happens, them what were just trying to help, forgot what was so great in the first place. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t some 11th hour turmoil. I’ve seen it happen before. In fact, I’ve seen it happen on every movie I’ve ever been on. It’s the reason forum after forum complains that today’s movies aren’t as good as yesterday’s. It’s the reason so many movies feel thrown together at the last second. And sadly I’ve never seen a script recover…until now. Patrick Lussier is simply a master of all that is cool. He’s the real deal, my friends. He’s Charlie Heston surrounded by damn dirty apes. He kicked in the door and announced that he’d come here to kick ass for the Lord. And he did. He told me he’d fix it. He told me he’d make it better, and he did. Not only did he manage to take it back to what was great, he made it better.”

There’s more, a lot more, and it’s a very, very good interview with Farmer proving he’s a true fan of the genre and knows its pitfalls the same as the rest of us. Click here to give it a read!

My Blood Valentine 3D is due out January 23rd, 2009. Keep it here for more updates soon!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • ivelnoslo

    Johnny, I’m with you on the Jason X side of things. I don’t care what anyone else says either, I love that movie and I’ll stand by it as the most ‘fun’ entry in the series.

    I mean, ’80’s hologram chicks smoking pot and gettin’ nekkid, only to have Jason recreate a favorite kill in the series in a way that highlights how silly it can all be? Tongue was firmly in cheek throughout the film, and I adore it. Not to mention my fave kill in the series, the Cherry Slushie Cryo-Face Smash!

    Farmer sounds like a cool guy, especially to talk about one of our major concerns as fans (11th hour script rewrites hurting a film) and then exalt another screenwriter without a hint of ego…that’s solid. This puts me on the waiting list for a ticket.

    Now here’s to hoping I get to see this in a 3-D theater. Where, oh where will I find one of those?…

  • The Woman In Black

    I was already 100% onboard this project, but reading Farmer’s comments just makes me all the more pumped.