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Vampire killer? Hell yeah!I know it’s probably not very hardcore, blood-n-guts horror fan purebred of me to admit to liking romantic comedy, but I hope you guys will see past that and still take me seriously. And I hope you ladies think my sensitivity is sexy as hell.

Over on the general news site KBS Global, the word has come down that Chun Ji-hyun has landed the lead role in Ronnie Yu’s upcoming live action version of Blood: The Last Vampire as the half human/half vampire badass Saya. Ji-hyun made her name know to South Korean audiences first in a really well done romantic comedy called My Sassy Girl (which the Weinsteins have the remake rights for) and the slightly more serious Windstruck. Both movies kick ass in their own rights, and Ji-hyun definitely has the right combo of cute and deadly needed for this role.

Though the anime original was set in Japan, the site also mentioned that the film will be shot entirely in English, so I guess even more changes are being made to it as the script comes closer to completion. We can expect to see Blood: The Last Vampire in theaters next year. And hey, if you want to see just how good Chun Ji-hyun is, track down a copy of Girl. I bet you’ll dig it.

Johnny Butane

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