Paco & Balaguero Hit REC

Two great directors, one shitty titleNow here’s a team-up that can only lead to good things. If only they were starting off with a better title…

Paco Plaza (Romasanta) and Jaume Balagueró (The Nameless, Darkness) have teamed up for a new horror movie called, simply, Rec, according to Variety. The team will co-direct the film, which tells of the troubles that befall a young reporter and her cameraman when they answer the call of a woman trapped in her home.

All that’s known about what they find inside is that it’s terrifying and makes for some good TV, which is a bit sick if you ask me. Not that that’s a bad thing at all. The duo are shooting the film as we speak with financing coming from Spain’s Filmax, who also funded Balagueró’s last film, Fragile.

It sounds like a really cool idea, but man, that title has to go. Naming a film off of something you see on a video camera display is just weird, and it’s not like it just rolls off the tongue. Maybe they’ll give it a cool Spanish title and leave it at that.

Johnny Butane

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