TNT Gives a Pilot Order to Breed

tntnewWay back in May we got word that TNT was developing writer John Scott Shepherd’s “Breed,” and now they’ve given it a pilot order. It’ll be directed by Scott Winant (“Fargo”) and produced by Nicky Weinstock of Invention Film Co.

Per Deadline, Shepherd, Weinstock, and Winant will executive produce. If greenlit as a series, it’s likely that “Breed” will air on the network’s action/genre Sunday night.

Look for more soon!

This atmospheric, supernatural drama centers on a volatile race of creatures who are committing brutal murders in the Pacific Northwest and the reluctant FBI investigator who pairs with a female assassin to track them. “Breed” mixes suspense, excitement, and humor to create an exhilarating ride full of unexpected moments and unforgettable characters.


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