Car Wash Becomes a Haunted House in Halloween Scare Prank

One of the most fun things about the Halloween season is the scare pranks that hit the net in the days leading up to the day. With each passing year, they become more and more popular, and here on Dread I don’t think we’ll ever tire of laughing at the terror of others. Ah, Halloween. Don’t you just love it?

As scare pranks become more popular, major companies are getting in on the fun, and Ford is the latest to jump on the Halloween bandwagon. In an attempt to gain some viral street cred in the horror community, Ford had unsuspecting drivers stop off at a car wash during test drives, where much horror awaited.

With costumed actors positioned inside, the car wash was essentially turned into a haunted attraction, and the best part is of course that the participants had no idea what they were getting into. Paying to get into a haunt is one thing. A haunt coming to you, when you’re not expecting it, is a tad bit different.

Check out their horrified reactions by watching this Halloween scare prank below, which somehow makes car washes more terrifying than Final Destination 4 already did!

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