Steve Niles Heading to AZ for Fright Night

Fright Night in Mesa, AZ! (click for larger image) Do you happen to live in Arizona and think it’s just not fair that most of the cool horror shit happens on one coast or another or in the Midwest, leaving you and your fellow desert-dwelling fans high and dry? Well, bitch no more, my friends — Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith are heading your way!

Thanks to Niles’ MySpace page, we’ve learned that on August 9th Atomic Comics of Mesa, AZ, will be home to a 12-hour event known as “Fright Night”. Devil’s Due artist and Hack/Slash author Tim Seeley and others will be appearing along with 30 Days of Night creators Niles and Templesmith. Live music will be provided by the likes of Calabrese, Ikonoklast, The Spider Hole, and The Devil Bats.

For more on this combination music fest/barbecue/book signing/movie screening/one-day sale extravaganza, which runs from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight, hit up the Atomic Comics link above or get in touch with them as follows: Atomic Mesa Superstore, 1120 South Country Club #105, Mesa, AZ 85210; (480) 649-0807.

Debi Moore

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Debi Moore

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