Horror Eats Childhood

Click here to see it full size!You may think that three days into November is far too early to be talking about holiday shopping, but every good girlcreeture knows: If she gets her wishlist ready now, it only means more time for friends and family to find all the goodies she’s been asking for! I even manage to leave room on my list to note the presents other people want too…

This year, for you and your loved ones, consider the infamous inner child in all of us. The child who still yearns for the security of a beloved animal friend. In this case, a fuzzy, hellbent rendering eager to horrify traditional bears with a little blood here, a little poison there.

Click here to see it full size!When Teddy Scares first hit the scene, Living Dead Dolls had already thoroughly stormed the horror themed doll market so when I first saw these cute little guys I was smitten. I was psyched to add something new and different to my collection. I am a great lover of dolls, don’t get me wrong; however, I also appreciate a right proper bear, and Teddy Scares offered a different level of “sweet meets scary.” Right and proper bears indeed.

2006 has delivered five new bears in Series 2, and they’re just as adorably macabre. Eli Wretch and Sheldon Grogg have joined the household, and Redmond Gore is happy to have like-minded company to distract him from the Hello Kitties, Unoa, and other miscellaneous stuffy creetures scattered about the house.

Click here to see it full size!They’ve got the same great production quality (super soft fuuuurrrr!) and packaging, not to mention the same adorable accessories to help tell their stories. These are styling little guys.

I do have to admit a smidgen of disappointment in that it seems like a bit of the bygone vibe has gone missing from the new batch. Series 1 had a perfect mix of horror eats childhood and the bears have a certain old school vibe I really love. As if somehow they really did begin as normal teddies broken by unfortunate circumstances.

Click here to see it full size!Sheldon and Mazey do have that nostalgic teddy feel marred by horror; they still feel old school, but the other three fellows seem to have made way for a little too much punk-modern, Hot Topic sensibility. Demographic is important, and the kids are loving them I know, but for me the old fashioned sentiment really pleased my tastes, and I hope it doesn’t disappear completely in future series.

One thing is certain: I’m still more than pleased with the new series and have no doubts that you’ll be just as pleased to give or receive a Teddy Scares bear. The fact that they’re a little bent in the membrane should only endear them to you and your loved ones even more.

So don’t let Black Friday sneak up on you and get a head start on those wishlists!

Michelle Lee

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