New Quarantine & Drag Me to Hell Dates

Movin' on up!2008 feels like the year of the release date switch. Midnight Meat Train was one of those victims, but we’re pretty confident the following two titles won’t end up the balls of some insane studio juggler.

Some good news came down the chute today for those eagerly awaiting John Dowdle’s adaptation of REC. In order to keep Quarantine at a fair distance from the rampaging Saw franchise, Sony Screen Gems bumped up the release date of the cinema verite flick to October 10th. That leaves a good two weeks between the two.

And for all of us clawing at the Internet for something in regard to Sam Raimi’s PG-13 horror film Drag Me to Hell, Ghost House Pictures picked 2009 to be the release year. May 29th will be the day Sam’s flick will undoubtedly make bank thanks to the rating and school being out for most high schoolers.

Infected apartment dwellers this October and cursed hot chicks next summer? Let’s just hope we can all still afford to actually drive to movie theatres by then!


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