Another Book of Blood to be Filmed

Down, Satan! the next Book of Blood to be shotAnother Book of Blood is being readied for the big screen, this time scripted by one of our own. Well, not our own, but a brother in the fraternal order of internet journalists (not a real group): IGN DVD’s editor Chris Monfette.

The story is “Down, Satan!”, one of the shortest stories in Clive Barker’s short story series, but also one of the most memorable; it deals with a businessman who one day finds God absent from his life and, unable to deal with the loneliness, decides to create a New Hell to try and bring the creator around. As the torture chambers fill and there’s still no sign of God or the Devil, he has to question his faith on an epic scale.

The story’s been expanded from its original four pages of course, but Monfette insists they’ve only improved on Barker’s concept. ”We found a way into the narrative that expands upon the ideas without stretching or distorting them,” he told his cohorts at IGN. ”There’s drama and horror and suspense and scale, and if we’ve done our jobs, we should have something intensely original.”

Well, you just lost half the suits in Hollywood by even using the word “original” and even more by tacking on “intensely” in front of it, but here’s hoping we’ll see a big screen Down, Satan! (perhaps with a better title, I never did like that one) sooner rather than later.

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Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Cash Bailey

    I remember Moriarty at AICN was writing DREAD. And he posted some pissy article trying to torpedo the film because the director wanted to turn the film into another J-horror rip-off.

    Maybe it worked, because it’s been a very long time since we’ve heard anything about it.

  • Blockbuster

    It should be a real group. You guys are like superheroes. Or at least SuperTroopers.