E3 2014: Horror Comes Home: The Order 1886

E3 2014: Horror Comes Home: The Order 1886I sit pantsless, the ashtray is teaming, and the Tim Horton’s cups I haven’t peed in lie crushed in a pile. I have been glued to my computer for the past nine hours, and it all comes down to this: Playstation at E3 - the headlining spot, the main event, the Wrestlemania of video games.

Sony showcased a good deal of variety at their press conference but with a very heavy showing for the horror genre. Like a past his prime prizefighter, I had barely recovered from the serene sting of the last horror-inspired thrill ride before I was lambasted with another.

Second in the lineup for Sony was the recently delayed title The Order: 1886.While the game is very rooted in Victorian, steampunk-inspired sci-fi, it’s new trailer is horror served straight up. The trailer sets the tempo out of the gate, stumbling around in the dark with only a lantern to guide you while discovering haunting shadows and bloody surgical rooms.

Winding deeper into the darkness, and deeper into its trap, it’s not long before you find a zombie-like creature feasting on a carcass. That’s the safest you will feel during this ordeal, as it soon transforms into a hulking mega beast, dripping desire for your blood. Chase gives way to gunfire as the battle explodes.

The trailer is meant to display some of the game’s shooting mechanics, and they look fantastic. It also contains a genuine next-gen touch as the monster employs evasive maneuvers, dodging bullets as it draws ever closer to your throat. The only thing scarier than a flesh-eating monster is one that’s evolving.

The Order: 1886 will be available exclusively for Playstation 4 on February 20, 2015.

The Order 1886

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