Sleepy Hollow Season 2 – Exclusive Red Carpet Interviews and Premiere Date Info

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 – Exclusive Red Carpet InterviewsAmongst the headstones at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, fans gathered to catch a glimpse of their beloved headless horseman TV show, Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow”, which will be returning for a much-anticipated second season on September 22nd.

In case you’re not familiar with the show, basically it’s about a magically resurrected Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) who’s pulled two and a half centuries through time to unravel a mystery which dates all the way back to America’s founding fathers. Along for the wild ride is a modern day cop, Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie).

Joining the show this coming season are Timothy Busfield (best known for his role on “thirtysomething”) as Benjamin Franklin, plus “House of Cards” star Sakina Jaffrey as the new sheriff and “One Tree Hill” alum Matt Barr as a bounty hunter.

On their way to the Masonic Lodge to show a few clips (they’ve only got two episodes in the can so far) and do a Q&A, the show’s two leading stars and producers walked the red carpet and answered our questions.

September seems a long ways off, and so of course we wanted to know how soon in the season some of those nail-biting cliffhangers are going to be addressed.

Executive producer Mark Goffman told us, “We left everybody in some pretty tough situations, but you have to be true to those situations, so I don’t think it’s going to be easy, and I don’t think people would expect it to be. So, we aren’t going to resolve it right away. We need to give every character their just time to figure out where and how to get out of their situations… if they can figure out how.”

At least there will be 18 episodes on tap, up from the 13 of Season 1. Producer Len Wiseman admitted, “Going from 13 episodes to 18 is a lot more work. It just is. But it’s two-fold. It allows us to really expand and take a little bit more time with the storylines that we want to, but it also means that we really, really have to prepare because we are trying to pull off a little movie every week. We’ve got a fantastic crew that’s up for the challenge of it, and it is a real challenge to just keep the bar up when you add more episodes.

The show’s co-creator, Roberto Orci, said of the stretch, “We’re trying to not have any filler. Every episode is meant to be epic and to feel like a season finale.” The main thing is, “How will our characters deal with the fact that our classic villain is someone they are related to by blood?

That was, of course, the cliffhanger: that Ichabod Crane’s own son was the bad guy. Orci said, “Obviously [Crane’s son being evil] was a big shock to him! Which makes his fight in this season difficult. It’s difficult enough fighting a villain, but when the villain is someone whom you may feel responsible for their villainy… he asks himself, is it because he was a bad father? How much can he blame himself? How much can he believe he can maybe help his son not be the villain that he is? Is he going to have to face off again his own son and do something he doesn’t want to have to do? Is there any reconciliation there possible? That’s drama.

It’s not just drama for the fans, but the actors as well. When I asked Tom Mison, “How would you like to see Crane handle his son’s villainy?” He replied, “It’s something that, throughout the break in filming, has been on my mind constantly. Desperate emails to Mark Goffman asking, 'What happens? What happens?' Never mind Ichabod having to prepare for it… I have to prepare for it! It’s a big one. It’s a tough family dilemma.

Orci wouldn’t reveal any spoilers, but he did say, “Their physical jeopardy wraps up in a few episodes. But their souls’ jeopardy… never! Or at least until the end of the series... And yours too!” he laughed.

That’s all fantasy, fiction, and drama – the dilemma, I mean… but how do they approach real life figures from history? Since Timothy Busfield will be joining the cast as Benjamin Franklin, I asked producer Heather Kadin what they draw on. “Well, it’s a combo” of fact and myth, she said. “That’s how we approached the pilot, like, when we were doing research and found out George Washington’s body was moved. I mean, wow, did you know that George Washington’s body was moved? And why? So there are some things in history that are just kind of insane on their own and so it’s a jumping off point.

Orci agreed, “Yeah, history is not written in stone. History is being revised all the time, as we learn new things. History is a living document for a lot of academics, and so finding out what the very latest theory on what’s going on is actually part of the fun. You think you knew everything but [surprise] you don’t. When it comes to Ben Franklin, of course everyone knows about the kite and the key. But some people don’t know he was quite the ladies’ man.”

And he liked to be naked a lot,” Kadin chimed in. I asked how they handle that on commercial TV, and she said, “We can imply his nudity, but I don’t know if anybody really wants to see Benjamin Franklin naked.

Orci rejoined, “Hey, Timothy Busfield is a very good looking man.” To which Wiseman added, “Yeah, he’d just be free-ballin! No, not really. He’s not naked ‘a lot’… The man has clothes!” Goffman said, “Anyone who knows Franklin history knows he was not a modest man, so we play with that.” Wiseman deadpanned, “Yeah. We thought that would work great for our show!

Sleepy Hollow 2014-06 Red Carpet Image Gallery

Sleepy Hollow 2014-06 Red Carpet Image Gallery

Sleepy Hollow 2014-06 Red Carpet Image Gallery

Sleepy Hollow 2014-06 Red Carpet Image Gallery

Sleepy Hollow 2014-06 Red Carpet Image Gallery