Edgar Allan Poe Battles Stephen King in the Rap Showdown of the Century

Edgar Allan Poe Battles Stephen King in the Rap Showdown of the CenturyOver the years we've seen lots of horror heavyweights do battle until the last "thing" was standing... In the tradition of King Kong vs Godzilla, Freddy vs. Jason, Foreman vs Ali, the good folks behind Epic Rap Battles of History have come up with one for the books! Literally!

Season 3 of the prolific web series continues with the great Edgar Allan Poe taking on none other than The Maine Man Stephen King! Watch as the master of horror, Stephen King, faces off against Edgar Allan Poe, the author of mystery and the macabre in the ninth battle of the season.

The battle stars rapper and poet George Watsky as Poe and rapper and comedian Zach Sherwin as King. Who won? You decide.

Great job, guys! Enough jabbering... dig it!

King vs. Poe Epic Rap Battle

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Poe vs Lovecraft vs King

Submitted by theGoldenSimatar on Tue, 06/03/2014 - 1:33pm.

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