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In 2009, a woman named Susan Powell disappeared from her home in Utah. She was never seen again. Her husband, Josh, was a strong suspect, but police never found enough evidence of wrongdoing to press charges.

What ensued was a two-year public mess involving revelations about Josh and his father, Steven, that included the elder Powell being charged with voyeurism and child pornography, in part for surreptitiously filming Susan. One of the Powells’ two young boys drew a van after saying his mother was dead, three people were inside, and “Mommy is in the trunk.”

In short, very bad things happened inside their West Valley City home.

Utah Ghost

In 2011, after he’d lost custody of his boys to his former in-laws, Josh Powell barricaded himself in a new home in Washington with his sons and blew the house up, murdering them and committing suicide. His father continues to plead the Fifth when questioned about Susan’s disappearance.

Following Powell’s move to Washington, the West Valley City home went on the market to be leased.

Two months ago, the Aeosana family moved in, completely ignorant of the history of the home. Now they’ve moved out, and they’re blaming a rash of paranormal events for their changed minds.

The Aeosanas are reporting the sound of sobbing coming from the shower as well as the garage door opening and closing by itself. Most ominously, their young son has been seen speaking to an empty swing in the yard, saying, “Go away; leave me alone.”

Local station KUTV reports that the family want out of their lease or for the rental agency (who refused comment) to move them to another property. One, we assume, with a less disturbing history.

Did this family just have renter’s remorse and are using the history to try to sneak out of a lease? Is the fact that they didn’t know the history until after the events started proof that something is really happening here? Did Josh Powell and/or his father do horrible things to Susan in the home, leaving it forever marked by evil? Let us know what you think!

The Gasp Menagerie

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