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Don Mancini Talks Child’s Play Sequel Possibilities and Chucky vs. Freddy Krueger



Chucky vs. Freddy

chucky2It’s no secret that Child’s Play creator Don Mancini has lofty plans for the franchise, and if it were up to him, Chucky would likely be returning to kill every single year.

Mancini is almost always spilling ideas he’d love to bring to the screen, and he’s just revealed some fun ones that we think you’re going to dig.

Crave Online got hold of Mancini for an exclusive downloadable commentary track for 1978’s killer doll movie Magic, and at a couple of points throughout the commentary, the conversation turned to Child’s Play. He revealed tidbits of ideas he has for future sequels, one of which would put Chucky on a train.

I thought that it would be interesting to do something where you’ve got your sort of archetypal or arguably stereotypical notion of the kid who’s just like, ‘The doll is alive and he’s doing this,’ but the kid befriends an old lady who’s also on the train,” said Mancini of that particular idea. “Like, the old lady is the only one who will listen to this kid. And as the story goes on, it turns out that the old lady has early onset Alzheimer’s. There’s just something, another reason other people aren’t listening to her either. But it turns out she’s a charmed confidant of Chucky.”

A bit later on, Mancini got into the idea of Chucky and Freddy Krueger coming together for a mash-up film, and though it’s likely to never happen, it sounds like it could be a whole lot of fun.

I would like to do Freddy and Chucky, just because I think they would be a fun double act,” he said. “My pitch for Freddy vs. Chucky is Child’s Play on Elm Street, and Chucky ends up in some kid’s house on Elm Street, and Freddy and Chucky inevitably meet in the dreamscape. They have this admiration for one another, but they realize quickly that Elm Street isn’t big enough for the two of them. So, in a riff of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, they have a contest: Who can kill the most teenagers before the sun comes up?

Head over to Crave Online to listen to the entire commentary track, which is a must for fans of killer dolls!





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