Exclusive: Kurtzman Joins Lynch’s Nagin!

Robert Kurtzman (click to see it bigger!) Precinct 13’s Robert Kurtzman, director of Wishmaster and The Rage to name a couple, just dropped us a line with some great news for him and his Creature Crew; they’ve officially signed on to the new film from Jennifer (daughter of David) Lynch, Nagin!

We first mentioned the horror movie a few weeks back, but at the time not a lot was known about it, save that it had something to do with the titular Indian legend about a snake woman who can take on many forms. We’re still kind of in the dark about the plot, but I couldn’t be happier about the effects team behind it!

”Given the population of India, China and the Far East, the Snake Woman has more fans than The Werewolf, Vampire, and Mermaid combined,” said the film’s producer, Govind Menon. ”We hope to make the definitive version and also introduce the 5000yr old legend of the shape-shifting Snake Woman to the West, who must have had their fill of Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies!”

All sounds pretty cool so far, but here’s the best part: A real, non-CG transformation is in store for us! ”[We] will present for the very first time an American Werewolf-style Human to Snake transformation utilizing state of the art special make-up and animatronics not seen in earlier incarnations of the Snake Women films,” Kurtzman promised. And he had better deliver!

If that’s not enough to get you excited, Nagin was referred to by Kurtzman as ”The first Creature Feature Horror Musical ever!” Now this I have to see!

Kurtzman’s finishing work on To Live and Die (director), Boogeyman 3, and The Dead Matter (special effects) and should be moving back to directing soon for the adaptation of his Bump comic for The Scream Factory.

Keep it on Dread Central for more news on Nagin and Kurtzman’s various other projects, suckas!

Johnny Butane

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