Jonathan Harker, I Presume?

Click to see the whole picture!What’s a videogame studio to do when they lose the “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” license? Why go back to Stoker’s immortal text of course. Van Helsing is too tainted by the recent movie (apologies go to Fireflyfan who enjoyed that movie and was the one who tipped me off to this game) to really be hot property, so that only leaves one obvious choice.

That’s right, gang, prepare to pull on the boots of real estate agent extraordinaire, Jonathan Harker!

The Collective made the first “Buffy” game for the Xbox, the one that’s generally considered a lot better than what followed for anyone not taking notes, so they’ve got some experience at the whole vampire killing action game thing. Judging from the screenshots of their new game Harker that went out with the press release, Harker is one we’ll be keeping tabs on for the next year or two, as the game isn’t due until 2008.

The game is set in the 18th Century and draws inspiration from the original Dracula novel; you’ll be playing as a hardened Harker, determined to stamp out every last vampire after his beloved Mina falls prey to Dracula.

The Collective is promising that the vampires aren’t going to go down easy and that each one is going to fight for its life in what’s potentially a very dark and gritty period action title. When the game finally ships for next generation consoles in 2008, hopefully some of these pretty interesting promises will be made good on.

Keep it here for more as we learn it, and be sure to click here for a few more screenshots from Harker.


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