Creepshow Recreated for Black Dahlia Murder

During the recent Weekend of Horrors I met up with effects man Brian Spears (I Sell the Dead, Plague Town), who gave me a heads up that he had done some work for The Black Dahlia Murder on a video for their song “Everything Went Black”. Cool, right, but why the hell should you care?

Because the entire video is themed after George A. Romero’s classic anthology Creepshow, that’s why! Spears said they duplicated all the effects from the film for the video, which premiered on Headbanger’s Ball this weekend. But don’t worry if ya missed it cause all you have to do is scroll down to check it out!

Johnny Butane

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Wish the creators of Creepshow 3 had done this instead in the Dread Central forums!

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Johnny Butane

  • frank_dracman

    Wait. What? Since when is the Headbanger’s Ball back on MTV? Cool vid, the singer needs lessons, though.

  • Chainsaw


    And my guess is Pelusa, when the people who grew up listening to Black Dahlia Murder grow old, their grandkids will probably be listening to jagged sheet metal being dragged across a chalkboard.

  • PelusaMG

    Cool video – shit tune! Whatever happened to good old fashioned singing? Can you imagine telling your grand-kids about this one in years to come…

    “Oh yes, I remember that tune by Black Dhalia Murder.”
    “How did it go grandad?”
    “It went… *mimics voice of demon from The Excorcist*”

    Kid runs off and cries…


  • Johnny Butane


  • Permafrost

    Great fucking yes! Didn’t think I would see this band on here, but I guess it was a matter of time! Who do I send the dozen donuts to?