Ash vs. The Marvel Universe

How fast can Wolverine heal from chainsaw wounds?If you didn’t read Marvel Zombies in comic book or graphic novel form, then you missed out on a wild ride. A mysterious disease caused both humans and heroes to become flesh-craving monsters. The kicker was that the zombified meta-humans could think straight when their stomachs were full so there was plenty of dialogue instead of an army of groaners.

The last we saw of the remaining living dead, they were about to devour a planet after consuming the body and power of Galactus, but what happened before all that? What about all the stuff that went down before the events seen in the comics? We get to thank Marvel and Dynamite Entertainment‘s Army of Darkness universe for answering that question. That’s right! Ash will be going toe-to-toe with some of our most beloved super heroes in the first crossover between the two companies.

DE also had this to say: “We are working hand-in-hand with Marvel to have this crossover mean as much as possible. We not only were able to fit the story in continuity-wise but we’re also keeping it fresh and fun (or as much fun as you can with zombies after Ash!). And stay tuned, True Believers, we’ve got a few more tricks and treats up our sleeves in 2007.”

Kryten Syxx

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