DVD Releases: Dreaming of Cannibal Goddess

Sorry it’s so late, folks, but there’s lots of horror DVDs to choose from coming your way this Tuesday, June 24th, so I hope you’ve been saving your cash!

Click to see it bigger!Cannibal Terror (1980)
Directed by Alain Deruelle

One of the original Video Nasties! This French/Spanish co-production follow a pair of idiotic thieves and their large-breasted accomplice as they kidnap the daughter of a local tycoon and decide that the cannibal-infested jungle is the best hiding spot. True, no one would look for them there! Pretty soon they’re either being eaten alive or trying to escape from being eaten alive. Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!The Chilling (1989)
Directed by Deland Nuse & Jack A. Sunseri

Now, I can see the benefits of having a cryogenics lab, freezing bodies to preserve them and bring them back when a cure is found for whatever is making them sick, but you’d hope they’d have a better backend to keep it running smooth so when, for example, a power outage happens, they don’t all defrost. And when lightening strikes it doesn’t cause them to come back as homicidal zombies. But then, it was the 80’s, so things weren’t built with such eventualities in mind like they are today. Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!Curse of the Weeeping Woman: J-ok’el (2008)
Directed by Benjamin Williams

What the hell is a J-ok’el? Apparently it’s the same legend as La Llorona, the weeping woman, but I’ve never heard it call that before. Either way, that’s a pretty damn eye-catching cover, isn’t it? The story revolves around George, a man who’s looking for his missing sister and learns all the sorrid details of the Weeping Woman; a mother who drowned her own children centuries ago whose spirit is now back for some form of revenge. Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!Demons Among Us (2006)
Directed by Stuart Simpson

This actually sounds like a lot of fun; beneath the small town of Miranda Falls, the devil is making his way slowly to the surface, having been freed from his underground prison. It’s up to Joe, a lonely man who just came out to the town for peace and quiet, to stop the devil in his tracks, using his trusty talking axe. But is the devil really on its way back to Earth, or has Joe completely lost his mind? Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!Drainiac (2000)
Directed by Brett Piper

Julie and her friends have taken up residence in an old house, cleaning it up before a planned full-on restoration. Strange happenings involving the house’s plumbing begin to plague them, and pretty soon they’re face-to-face with an ancient water demon that wants nothing more than to tear them all apart! This edition of Drainiac is full restored with a high-def transfer and sound, so it’s the best you’re ever going to see it! Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!Eastern Horror
Directed by Various

BCI returns to their massive 10-movie box set with this collection of horrors from East, most of which I’ve never ever heard of. Included here are Robo Vampire, Devil’s Dynamite, Magic of the Universe, Counter Destroyer, Satan’s Slave, Corpse Master, Vampire Resurrection, Devil Shadow, Calamity of Snakes and Devil’s Box. Damn, that’s a lot of potential crap to get through, you know? Luckily for you it’s dirt cheap! Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!The Eye 3 (2005)
Directed by Danny & Oxide Pang

Known as The Eye 10 and The Eye: Infinity, this in-title only sequel to The Pang Bros. The Eye has more to do with contacting the spiritual realm than it does any real horror. This time we have four friends traveling who pass the time by telling one another ghosts stories. They find a book full of black magic spells, recite one of them, and all hell breaks loose as they find the key to contacting the other side, but likely wish they would have left it alone once they get there. Give your eyeballs to our “>The Eye 3 DVD review for more! Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!The Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion of the Crust (2008)
Directed by Silvia St. Croix

Well, they didn’t get Gary Busey to be the voice of the titular cookie monster this time, so I don’t really see the point in watching it. I guess if you’re a completist … the story is about a fledgling movie studio that’s about to go bankrupt after a string of bombs, but gets some new excitement when the Gingerdead Man comes back from wherever it is bad cookies go and starts wreaking havoc yet again! Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!Hell’s Ground (2007)
Directed by Omar Khan

I didn’t get to see this at last year’s Fantasia, but it was one of the most-talked about films I’ve ever heard of at the festival. A combination of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th but nothing like either film, Hell’s Ground is about teens on their way to a rock show when they get stuck in the middle of nowhere, with zombies hot on their trail and a screaming hitchhiker assaulting them wherever they turn. Just read our “>Hell’s Ground review and hopefully you’ll understand more! Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!Killer’s Moon (1978)
Directed by Alan Birkinshaw

Are you in the mood for sleaze? I mean real, nasty, take-a-shower-afterwards sleaze? This might be right up your alley then, you sicko. The film follows four drugged-up, sex crazed convicts who seek refuge in the first girl’s school they can find, of course, where they do all manner of disgusting and vile things. This is the first time this movie’s been released since the 1980’s, and the only time it’s been fully remastered, so you sleaze fans don’t want to miss it! Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!Long Dream (2000)
Directed by Higuchinsky

This very strange, subtle movie from the director of Uzumaki has been out there waiting for release for what seems like forever now, I’m glad it’s finally here. The film follows a young man plagued by strange dreams, which for him take place in real time. He lives entire lifetimes in them, so when he wakes up and it’s only been eight hours, he’s understandable distraught. He keeps living longer and longer in his dreams until … well, you’ll have to see it to find out. Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!Man of a Thousand Faces (1957)
Directed by Joseph Pevney

James Cagney takes on the role of Lon Chaney, Sr. in this biopic about the life and times of one of horror’s most constantly changing personalities. The film follows Chaney’s rise from vaudeville clown to Hollywood extra to full-fledged movie star. A must –have for any fans of classic monsters, makeup effects, or just old time Hollywood in general. Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!Nobody Loves Alice (2006)
Directed by Roger A. Scheck

Growing up being bounced from foster home to foster home, nobody ever really found the time to love young Alice, not the way a growing girl needs. Now an adult but still never knowing love, she takes out her misfortune on anyone foolish enough to get involved with her. She gets involved with a co-workers scheme to test her boyfriend’s fidelity and comes face-to-face with love, but in a twisted, demented sort of way. Hijinks ensue. Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals (1978)
Directed by Joe D’Amato

Wow, now this was a stretch for D’Amato, I’m sure; a story of a women who degrades herself and becomes the love object of some disgustingly perverted natives. Not for nothing, but that title sure as hell will make you take notice, you know? Love Goddess of the Cannibals? How cool is that? Worth watching for the fully restored Disco Cannibal Blood Orgy sequence, I’m sure! Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!Raising Jeffrey Dahmer (2005)
Directed by Rich Ambler

A movie with this title could either go one of two ways; it’s either about those who were close to Jeffrey looking back and what may have gone wrong that made him become a cannibal, or the story of a bunch of teens who decide to resurrect his corpse and sic him on their enemies. Sadly, it is the former, which means it’s going to be really serious. Damnit. Well, at least I’ve given some cheap indie studio out there an idea! Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!Simon: King of the Witches (1971)
Directed by Bruce Kessler

Simon is the real deal. A warlock. Sure, he lives in a storm drain and can carry on with inanimate objects, but he despises anyone who doubt him as being truly magical. After a series of events land him in the employ of a man with connections to powerful people, Simon is soon surrounded by those who doubt his true abilities. That is, until he unleashes all manner of demonic evil upon them. I always found that works. Check out “>DVD review of Simon: King of the Witches to learn more! Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!The Tattooist (2007)
Directed by Peter Burger

Ah, Jason Behr; where would somewhat mainstream horror be without you? Here we have the first release from Ghost House Underground, an attempt to make some money with cheap sequels to GH films, but who actually have some damn fine acquisitions line up, as well. Something tells me this isn’t one of them, though. The story is about a tattoo artist (Behr) who unwittingly unleashes a deadly force through an ancient Samoan tattoo tool. Check our “>Tattooist DVD review to learn more! Buy it here!!

Click to see it bigger!The Wig (2005)
Directed by Won Shin-Yun

What is with Genius Products and their “hands coming out of stuff” cover series? Very strange. Anyway, this one’s about a young woman with cancer whose sister decides to take her home and allow her to enjoy what little time she has left surrounded by loved ones. She buys her a wig to make her feel better, but of course the wig carries some sort of curse that just makes things worse. Read our “>DVD review of The Wig to learn more! Buy it here!!

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