Albino Terror Stalks the Rails in Spiker

Spiker!Doing my occassional snooping about the internet, I stumbled upon the existence of a new slasher flick I was previously unaware of entitled Spiker, about a maniac who lays waste to his victims with railroad spikes. The original title of the film was Blood Rails, but the producers have wisely changed it to Spiker, which I think we can all agree is more direct to the point.

\“A nightmare comes to life, the Spiker is a massive, pink-eyed albino and a maniac killing machine whose physical endurance borders on the fantastic. He escapes from an asylum and returns to the small town he terrorized years before, where he slashed his victims to pieces with railroad spikes and buried the bodies under the train tracks outside of town. When a group of teenagers decide to camp out at an abandoned house they are attacked by the vengeful Spiker and discover a web of terrible secrets hidden there – but as they die horrible one by one – there seems to be no way out.”

Has there ever been a movie with an albino character that wasn’t evil?

Frank Zagarino – if that name rings a bell it’s because he’s appeared in a plethora of direct-to-video action flicks over the years – pulls double duty as not only the director of this Laurel Lane Picture/Moodude Films presentation, but he also stars at the titular spike-stabbing… I mean spike-slashing lovechild of Michael Myers and Rutger Hauer, playing the role with what appears to be Terminator-esque aplomb if the trailer is any indication. You can find that trailer on the official Spiker website, still under the much blander Blood Rails title.

This low budget slasher was penned by Richard Preston Jr.; he cut his teeth screenwriting for PM Entertainment back in the 1990’s writing films such as Hologram Man, Little Bigfoot, Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home, and the criminally underrated evil “men in black” flick The Silencers. I’ve always had a soft spot for PM Entertainment’s films and knowing someone involved with a company that knew how to make solid b-movies gives me a ray of hope that Spiker might turn out a bit more entertaining than so many of the very indie slasher flicks that get unloaded onto DVD. I’m looking at you, Lionsgate.

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