Barbie’s Gone to The Birds

The Birds Barbie (click to see larger)How ironic that the first I hear about a new Barbie doll based on Tippi Hedren’s character in the classic The Birds comes from gossip site Defamer of all places.

But who cares about the source? This Melanie Daniels doll rocks!

In honor of Hitchcock’s film’s 45th anniversary, “this incredible collector’s doll features our heroine being attacked by a trio of fine feathered foes, just like in the movie.” With online prices ranging from about $40-$45, The Birds Barbie is a definite must-have for every fan of the film. Take a look at these features:

  • Includes real fake birds!
  • High-quality head looks scared and has awesome hair!

    The Birds is the first movie that ever really scared me as a kid, so you can be sure this Woman has already pre-ordered hers!

    Debi Moore

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  • Debi Moore

    I'll see you on the other side...

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    • Morgan Elektra

      I want! Email this to Dean so he knows what to get me for our anniversary, huh sis?

    • ivelnoslo

      This is awesome. I can’t imagine the pitch, or the executives who thought this was a good idea…because they did!

      Seriously cool. I would like a Ripley Barbie. I think I’ll turn some of my daughter’s Barbies into horror film characters.

      Or maybe not. I’m kinda lazy…