Brolin Set to Escape From New York?

Josh Brolin as Snake?Strangely enough, I could see Josh Brolin doing well as Snake Plissken. I mean, in a world where we just have to accept that yes, they are remaking Escape From New York, Brolin’s certainly not the worst choice to don the eyepatch.

The rumor comes from Spielberg News, who got the intel from a source close to the production. You may recall that Gerard Butler (300) was attached to star as the one-eyed Snake when the remake was first announced, but he bowed out back in October.

Now Brolin is the name everyone’s banding about, and I’m all right with that. Not that the film’s producers care how I feel … The redux is still looking for a director, having gone through Brett Ratner and Len Wiseman already, so maybe there’s still a chance it won’t happen? Don’t hold your breath.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • sathyan

    He is an unanimous and the obvious coice for such an horror script and we expect the same.
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  • Wally

    Should not be remade. Period!

  • thedudeabides

    I think this is great casting!

  • Tsotha-lanti

    Wasn’t there already a EFNY remake, but set in Britain and with Snake being a chick? 😕

  • kiddcapone

    Anyone that knows me knows that Escape from New York has been my favorite film since I first saw it in 1981 at age 7 or 8. I was Snake Plissken for many consecutive halloweens afterwards (with a few Gene Simmons mixed in as well).

    I will always have the original so I don’t really care if they remake this or not. I STILL refuse to acknowledge the existence of EFLA. That piece of fucking garbage simply doesn’t exist. Period.

    Brolin is a nice choice for Plissken. I’m still confused when people say the script is exactly the same. That’s impossible. The original took place 16 years into the future (1997), considering this is 2008, the beginning will need to be rewritten because obviously Snake can’t land on top of the World Trade Center.

  • Sirand

    The script is exactly the same as the original. Fuck this. More unoriginality from the Hollywood factory.

    • Messiahman

      No, it’s not exactly the same. It follows all the big beats, but it expands the world and the character quite a bit. It’s actually a rather good script.

      Try reading it before making proclamations.

      • Gus Bjork

        I recall Roger Eberts critism. Here you are in this fascinating city run by cons, this whole new society in NYC, different gangs, the cannibal guys, you get a taste of that early on right through the musical that was being put on..and then you instantly dive underground for almost the entire rest of the movie. Granted this was due to budget but it would be neat to see the whole thing built, I guess maybe see what we could have seen if Carpenter had a bigger budget.

      • Sirand

        Just going based on what Carpenter said.

  • Hunter1006

    I like Brolin a lot, especially in No Country for Old Men. Now let’s see how he does as George W. Bush in Oliver Stone’s upcoming flick.

    As a huge Carpenter fan, I don’t know how to feel about Escape from New York being remade. I felt that the original movie was pretty goddamn fun, yet it doesn’t really seem to hold up after all these years. I am upset about a remake because remakes of Carpenter movies have never really been so great….(The Fog, anyone?)

    But maybe Escape From New York could use a boost these days. I donno, it could be good.

  • frank_dracman

    Bulletcrazy, I have to respectfully disargee with you. The first one holds up very well for it’s age, it looks as good as any movie made at that time. The sequel, although still watchable, just seems too cartoony when I watch it now. The surfing and handgliding stuff was borderline ridiculous. I fear that if they made another sequel with Kurt it would be more like the LA than NY. So as much as I love the origials, a reboot sounds like the best way to go. But who can possibly play Maggie? Adrienne Barbeau has no right to be that smoking hot.

  • The Butcher

    Great fucking choice. I hope it’s true and that it holds. I’d love to see a newcomer director helm it though. Like Dread Central friend Joe Lynch…someone with a love for the genre AND a sure hand.
    It’s too bad Neil Marshall already blew his wad with DOOMSDAY. He wold have been perfect.

  • bulletcrazy

    I’m all for it. He’s probably the next best thing to having Kurt Russel come back, and personally, I’ve always felt the original Escape From New York could use a remake. The character is great (as is Kurt Russel’s performance), but the movie just feels way too cheap and it doesn’t really hold up at all these days. I’m actually a huge fan of Escape from LA though, so I do hope this goes through (although I still don’t see why Kurt can’t reprise his role, he really doesn’t look much older in death proof so they really just ought to do a sequel instead).

  • Undeadmin

    This I could be ok with. We shall see.

  • Chainsaw

    OK, now THIS I can get behind. Brolin’s one of my favorite badass character actors right now, and bears a striking resemblance to Snake.

    Now, don’t make the script suck, and we could be in business.

  • ivelnoslo

    Since the remake is going to happen whether we like it or not, then Yes. Brolin is a great pick.

    The original film is vintage Carpenter, so any remake news regarding Escape from New York belongs on any horror news website.

  • PelusaMG

    This is going to happen… Even if they have to get Rupert Wainright to direct!

  • jonny_numb

    Get Javier Bardem to play the Duke of NY and you got yourself a winner.

  • Blockbuster

    Heh…”one-eyed Snake”. Nice.

  • Johnny Butane

    Sorry, man, we’ve been covering Escape since it was first announced. Call it a “crossover” title 😀

  • frank_dracman

    What’s this doing on a HORROR site?!?!
    I could definatly see Brolin as snake. Been waiting for that guy to get leading man status since Mimic. I wonder if all the kids out there will compare this Snake to the Metal Gear Snake. “His voice, his look, he even has an eye patch. they totally ripped off the game”. Oh, I can hear the little bastards now…