Those Foreigners Are On Fire: 10 Amazing Nordic Horror Films

Hidden: The ghostly abode subgenre has begun to truly grow on me. We’ve long seen quality features of this nature, but the truth is they’re actually few and far between. They also lean on pre-established clichés which blankets the potential for any serious novelty to be unearthed. But not this one. Hidden plays by a different set of rules, and when factoring that in some hypnotic visuals you’ve got yourself an honest to goodness great picture. Released under the After Dark banner, Hidden went largely unnoticed, but there’s no reason for that. This one looks great, provides some shocks and leaves viewers totally invested in the film. Underrated? Yes (likely due to the After Dark label, as many feel the company has released far more trash than treasure), but undeservedly so!

Trollhunter: Not only is Trollhunter one of the finest Nordic flicks to ever see release, it’s also one of the most engaging found footage films on the market. The realism of the film borders on absurd, it’s so convincing, and the tone is pitch-perfect. This movie isn’t about exploring lame tropes, or leading the viewer on only to deprive them of quality revelations and stunning scenes; writer/director André Øvredal never once refrains from delivering the goods. The CGI is the only questionable element of the film, and to be fair, these are still extremely solid visual effects on display. A personal favorite, there aren’t many features like Trollhunter. And there sure as hell aren’t many found footage pics that can hold a candle to this unexpected masterpiece.

Thale: Okay, above all other things, Thale feels stupid original, I’ve got to say that. In comparison to the majority of films on this list, the concept is so insanely outlandish that it’s near impossible to avoid having your undivided attention sucked into this mesmerizing whirlwind of legends and myths, creatures and seductresses. This is contemporary folklore done to perfection. But viewers shouldn’t need too much persuading from me. Take one long look at the film’s trailer (which boasts a sexy young lady with a penchant for nudity and... a tail. Yep, that’s right. Genuinely memorable characters and awesome visual effects only work as strong support for one very engaging story. Thale may be one of the more slept on Nordic commodities, but it’s a moving piece just the same!

Those Foreigners Are On Fire: 10 Amazing Norwegian Horror Films

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Cash Bailey's picture

The COLD PREY movies are fucking fantastic and made me an instant fan of Ingrid Bolso Berdal.

People should also check the director's follow-up movie ESCAPE (FLUKT), which is not a horror but a medieval chase movie. This one also stars Berdal and it's tight, fast and nasty.

Submitted by Cash Bailey on Sat, 04/26/2014 - 6:46pm.
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Rare Exports was a weird flick i can never look at Santa in the same way, Trollhunter was cool but Thale bored me. Yeah Let the right one in was from Sweden that's a great flick but if you want to see an over the top gore fest check out Wither also from Sweden it's a total homage to Evil Dead but does it's own thing truly brutal stuff!!!

Submitted by GODFLESH69 on Fri, 04/25/2014 - 12:38pm.

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