Cohen’s Latest Mummy Update

The Mummy 3 international poster, so much better than ours!Our man Hunter just pointed out that director Rob Cohen’s updated his ongoing Mummy 3 blog with a status on the film, which is due to hit theaters August 1st. Believe it or not, everything has to be done on the film, at least on his end by July 3rd, but it’s not quite there yet.

Right now the film is in the dubbing process, brining all the sound effects, dialogue and music together to create, as Cohen refers to it, the ”sound tapestry of the movie”. Not only that, but all 949 visual effects (!) are still being worked on, with nearly 200 left to go when Cohen posted the blog. And you thought most of the work was done when cameras stopped rolling!

Check out the full update right here and visit Universal’s official Mummy 3 site for more goodies. Get ready for a lot more about The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor in the coming weeks!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Hunter1006

    But I actually meant “epic” in the sense that it would be an epic fail.

  • Hunter1006

    You’re right, actually.
    The thing I find funny about the Mummy 3 so far is that it comes out in August, and I never saw a trailer in theaters until I saw The Incredible Hulk last weekend…
    Seems like they’ve gotten kind of lazy with advertising for the film. When I mentioned to a few friends that the new Mummy was coming out in August, all they said was, “Wait…WHAT? REALLY? THERE’S A NEW ONE?! WHEN?!”

  • Johnny Butane

    Hmmm… I doubt that. There’d have to be Phantom Menace-level anticipation for it to be epic. I doubt it’ll be any worse or better than the first two.

  • Hunter1006

    This movie will be an epic disaster.