NECA’s GoW Series 2 Revealed!

NECA and Gears of War (click to see it bigger!)Gears of War just won’t slow down. A movie is on the way, a sequel to the game is due out later this year and amount of toys that can be made from the franchise seems endless. If only there was a way to stop 5 year olds from playing Gears online with mics on…

NECA released the first shots of the COG soldiers and Locust Horde nasties that would be part of the second series of Gears of War action figures. Fenix’s best bud Dominic Santiago joins the mix along was blonde asshole extrodonaire Damon Baird and the Locust archers known as Theron Guards.

The Theron’s will come in two different styles: with and without their signature red helmets. Both versions will, however, sport the same weapons while Delta Squad will most likely come packing shotguns and the trust chainsaw-bayonet Lancer.

Look for these to be stocked in stores sometime this fall. Until then check out all the new pics Nomad rounded up for us…

NECA and Gears of War (click to see it bigger!)NECA and Gears of War (click to see it bigger!)NECA and Gears of War (click to see it bigger!)

NECA and Gears of War (click to see it bigger!)NECA and Gears of War (click to see it bigger!)NECA and Gears of War (click to see it bigger!)


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