Happy Friday the 13th! Jason’s Mask Revealed!

Well, I guess being a music station gets you some pull with Platinum Dunes, eh? So what, we’re not good enough to post video from the set of the Friday the 13th remake?

I kid, of course. I was honored just to be invited to set! MTV just put up the first look at Jason’s mask from the upcoming reboot. I got to hold said mask on set and let me tell ya, it’s pretty damn sexy. Sure, it’s nothing groundbreaking but why should it be? It’s iconic!

Dig the video below for more and keep it here for my full report from the set soon!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane


  1. Seeing the mask is awesome, and they treat the thing as if it’s the holy grail of horror…which is funny since it looks much like the older masks (which is good)!

    I think it speaks well of the mindset of the creators behind the film. Not only are these people geeks for F13, but they are looking to the other F13 geeks out here and saying “Look! We have the MASK! Isn’t it AWESOME?”

    Righetti is gorgeous. And Mears looks like he barely needs makeup to play Jason. His ears are the same as Jason’s in Part 3.

    I can’t wait!!!


    Rumor has it he’ll be wearing the sack at the beginning, and will make the switch to the hockey mask halfway through.


  3. I for one am fucking excited that Jason’s just going to be back on the big screen. So glad they didn’t change the mask.

  4. Mask doesn’t look any different then the masks he wears in the other films. Nothing groundbreaking, but still cool that they kept with the look.

    Still have zero interest in this though.

  5. They probably just borrowed that thing from Kane Hodder. I’m sure he’s got tons of ‘em just sitting around his house.

  6. I really couldn’t care less that Platinum Dunes is handling the F13th reboot. If it has some sweet gore, I’ll be a happy camper :). Now, the ANOES reboot is definitely a concern of mine.

  7. No, the fact that MTV works with Paramount and Paramount is co-producing the film is likely the reason why they got a look at the mask, unfortunately.

  8. The fact that its MTV shows you exactly what market they’re going for: Brainwashed pop culture teens, not horror fans. Not that this is anything new for the Friday the 13th movies.

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