Chainsaw Massacre Prank Shatters Funnybone

“You don’t have to go to Texas for a chainsaw massacre.” That was the tagline for the vintage slasher flick Pieces, and it still rings true. Take this HILARIOUS latest prank video for example.

The film, put together by the super sick and talented Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, showcases what happens when some unsuspecting innocents run headlong into a chainsaw-wielding lunatic and his buddy… the rapidly getting famous for his wonderfully dark sense of humor Nick Santonastasso.

It’s that time of year again… Halloween… so I decided to team up with Nick to help me pull this brutal prank,” says Zdorovetskiy. “This is definitely one of my favorites.

This is how you do it, people. Take notes.

Chainsaw Prank

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