Toy Fair 2014: New Dawn of the Dead Flyboy Figure to Die For

Toy Fair 2014: New Dawn of the Dead Flyboy Figure to Die ForWe've seen a lot of badass stuff come out of this year's Toy Fair, but this latest bit just might take the cake. If you're a Dawn of the Dead fan, get ready to drool like a nun-zombie staring at a tasty mall worker.

From Toy News International comes your first look at Japanese company Max Factory's take on the zombified version of Dawn of the Dead's Stephen Andrews (played in the film by David Emgee), better known as "Flyboy," from their Figma line.

The aforementioned figure line puts the emphasis on figures being able to move as good as they look through the usage of their specially designed and intricate Figma joints.

No word yet on scale or price, but stay tuned for more. Now then... drooling commences in 5... 4.... 3...

Flyboy - Dawn of the Dead

Flyboy - Dawn of the Dead

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Source: Toy News International



GODFLESH69's picture

I like my Series 3 Flyboy from NECA better, cool though

Submitted by GODFLESH69 on Thu, 02/20/2014 - 2:41pm.

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