Tentacles Wrap Around Outpost Doom

Horror and Indie filmmaking go hand in hand for some reason. Maybe it is better off to say that low-budget filmmaking and our beloved genre get along? This year alone I’ve seen about 25 unknown features … and only a couple have been worth my time. The Grand Horror was one of those very few bright stars.

Fangoria heard from The Grand Horror (review) helmer, hailing from Dead Lantern Pictures, MaT Kister in regards to his current production Outpost Doom. A quarter of the movie has already been completed and 10 weeks of filming is scheduled over the Summer followed by a hopeful release date sometime around very late ’08 or the crack of ’09.

Set in the same universe as The Grand Horror, the plot of Outpost Doom follows “a couple of cons who, while being chased by a large, Lovecraftian tentacled monster, seek shelter inside a large barn … Once inside, they come across a decapitated body and a group of strangers who do not trust them. As the story unfolds, people begin dying in vicious ways, causing everyone to distrust everyone else. The film is most definitely a monster movie, as there is a continual threat of the tentacle creature getting inside the barn, but with a murder-mystery twist that we hope a lot of horror fans will really dig. Hint: the scariest monster isn’t the one outside.

An official site for Outpost has not sprung up yet, but there is info to be found on its counterpart at The Grand Horror‘s official MySpace page and view the production video below!


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Mike Phalin

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  • Agonistes

    Hey thats interesting: a slasher who-dunnit movie inside a monster movie.